Tokio (Testnet)


  • Tokio is a Engram testnet program that was launched in September 2023

  • Tokio primary purpose is to be a long-lived testnet with tooling for developers.

  • Tokio is named from Tokyo and Mio (Mihama).


  • Tokio is optimized for testnet stability for developers, and has a semi-permissioned validator set similar to Ethereum's Sepolia testnet.

  • Tokio is not intended for broad public validator participation, as frequent cycling of validators affect Testnet stability and make it unreliable for developers (e.g. Ethereum's Prater testnet)

  • 64 validator keys were defined in the genesis of Tokio Beacon Chain for Gateway, Stryatum and Engram to run as validators

Public Participation

  • Community members can run a full node and go through the Tokio Chain as it happens

  • 32 tGRAM is required to run a validator, similar to Ethereum Mainnet

  • Requests for more token on Engie-Bot channel in Discord.

How to Participate

Key Parameters

Network Config

Specification Config Repository

Tokio maintains a Configs Repository that is the canonical source for Engram Networks.

Consensus Layer

Execution Layer

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