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What is Hexa Helix Stake Holders that Engram Network is approaching?

The hexa helix stakeholder is a stakeholder model consisting of six actors, namely government, business world, universities, NGOs, mass media and society. This model recognizes that the community has an important role in every stage of managing a project or program. For this model to work effectively, good collaboration is needed between all stakeholders. The followings are some implementation of hexahelix stakeholders; Hexa helix stake holders could be the collaborations between academics, businesses, communities, governments, media and industry/investment. The hexahelix stakeholder model can be an effective approach to overcome various complex development challenge, including blockchain implementation complexity.

Engram Smart Contracts for academics for academics for academics

Simple Tokens

A simple token smart contract is a self-executing code on a blockchain that represents a digital asset.


The smart contract governing these tokens typically includes mechanisms to securely cast and tally votes


When users meet the specified conditions or accomplish certain tasks, the contract automatically mints and assigns the corresponding badge to their blockchain addresses.

Engram Smart Contracts for businesses for businesses for businesses

Supply Chain

Smart contracts automate and verify transactions in supply chains, ensuring transparency and trust among all participants.

Tokenized Assets

Smart contracts enable automatic, transparent, and trustless ownership transfers of tokenized assets, revolutionizing the way we manage and trade digital representations of physical items like real estate, art, or commodities.

NFT Rentings

Smart contracts enable automated, trustless, and transparent rental agreements for tokenized assets, simplifying transactions and reducing the need for intermediaries.

Engram Smart Contracts for Communities for Communities for Communities

Proof of Contributions

Smart contracts automate and verify contributions within a community, ensuring transparent and fair rewards for members based on their measurable participation.

Charitable Donation Escrow

Smart contracts ensure transparent and automated management of charitable donations in a community, releasing funds only when predefined conditions are met.

DAO contracts

Smart contracts enable automated, trustless execution of decisions within a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), ensuring transparency and eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Engram Smart Contracts for Governments

Public Procurement

Smart contracts for public procurement automate and secure the process of purchasing goods and services by government entities using blockchain technology.

Healthcare Database

A smart contract for public healthcare automates and enforces healthcare-related transactions and processes on a blockchain, ensuring transparency, security, and efficiency in healthcare services.

Social Welfare

Smart contracts for royalty distributions automate and transparently execute royalty payments to content creators based on predefined terms and conditions.

Engram Smart Contracts for Mass Medias

Content Licensing

A smart contract for content licensing automates and enforces the terms of content usage and payments on the blockchain.

Digital Rights

A smart contract for decentralized digital rights automates and enforces ownership, distribution, and usage rules of digital assets on a blockchain.

Royalty Distributions

A smart contract for decentralized digital rights automates and enforces ownership, distribution, and usage rules of digital assets on a blockchain.

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